Defensive Driving Class Schedule

Did you get a ticket?

Are you still needing to go to court?

Has your attorney advised you to take a defensive driving class?

We offer defensive driving classes every Saturday, cost $209.

Please see the upcoming class schedule.

Class Schedule

Have you had your license taken away?

Do you need a road test?

Road Test

Do you have points on your license, are you about to loose your license?

We do not offer this course – we recommend Ascend Driving School

Do you have points on your license, do you want to save on your insurance?

Do you believe a point reduction course will save you money on insurance?

It will not – so we do not offer it.
This is a scam, you will pay for the class and still pay the same amount for your insurance.

Defensive Driving Lessons

No classroom hours

No insurance discounts

Ages 17 and above
This is a 3hr driving lesson one-on-one with our licensed SCDMV instructor.
The instructor will pick you up and drop you off after the lesson.
Cost is $180 for each 3hr lesson and $60 for the road test.

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Adult Lessons