SC DMV-Approved Driving/Road Test

Our Unfair Advantage


Just look at all that space — this is the easiest way to pass your test.

Over 98% of our students pass the road test on the first try. We credit that to our vehicles and excellent instructors


Our driving school vehicles are easier to 3-point turn and parallel park than any other driving school car.

The Unfair Advantage is just what it says. The vehicles that we use for training and testing have been selected on purpose to give the student the easiest way to maneuver a test car into and out of the parallel parking spot. The high position of the driver, large rear window, no rear trunk and very short wheelbase make our vehicles the easiest to take the road test in, the easiest way to pass your road test.

No other driving school has a vehicle that performs better on the road test. We know, we have tried them all.

SC DMV-Approved Driving/Road Test

Email at if you would like to schedule a DMV Road Test.

Since 2012, 864 Drivers Ed has been licensed and approved as a Third Party Tester school. The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has determined that we are able to administer the road test to students. For this service, students will be taken on an SC DMV-approved route and allowed to complete the road test. If the student passes, he/she will receive a certificate which will be taken to a DMV field office, where the student will complete an eye exam, take a license picture, and the student’s license will be printed.

The cost for the road test service will be $60.00, payable the date the road test is administered. It is not required for students to complete the road test through our school, as the SC DMV will still be administering the road test daily during the week. For students who have difficulty getting to the DMV during normal business hours, we offer test administration on weekends. All tests administered through our school are done in our vehicles, with our instructors.