South Carolina DMV-Approved Road Tests

For the DMV-approved Road Test, how old is the person wanting to take the test?

To train or test with a driving school you must have a valid (not expired) South Carolina permit (not any other state or international or another country).

The permit must show that you have held the permit for a least 6 months (180 days)

If this is your 2nd or 3rd permit, please bring a copy of your previous permit with you.

If you have just had your permit issued and the permit is less than 6 months old, but the dmv has said you can test with that permit, please bring in your permit to our office in lyman, monday to friday 9am to 5pm. We will submit it to the dmv for PRE-APPROVAL for testing.  There is a $20 fee for pre-approval.

$60 cash if you are a student that has trained with our school

$75 if you have not trained with our school.

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