Taking A Road Test With the Instructor Who Trained You

There are big advantages to taking a driving lesson before testing.

Individuals testing who have not completed driver training fail the road test at an alarming 95%. The road test has 378 penalty points on it – more than 30 is a fail – and there are more than 40 actions that will outright fail you on the test.

By taking a driving lesson you will be trained by our certified SCDMV instructors on exactly what to do and not do in order to pass the test the first time. Without this you face a 95% chance of failing the test and being blocked for 2 weeks before you can retake the test.

You will also be more calm and relaxed when it comes to taking the test. Nervousness is a big factor in students not passing the test.

If you are doing the defensive driving course, make sure to inform your instructor that you wish to test through our school so that your instructor can plan and schedule enough time for the road test.

If you are 15, 16 or 17 years old you will need a parent present at the testing location before the test starts to sign the appropriate SCDMV documents as you are a minor and not able to sign for yourself.

A single driving lesson – 3hrs – followed by a road test, Cost is $220 for the 3hr lesson and $60 for the road test.

$60 cash if you are a student that has trained with our school

$75 if you have not trained with our school.

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Requirements for the road test are:

  • A valid (not expired) South Carolina Permit.
  • That you have held a permit for at least 6 months.
  • Closed shoes.
  • $60 testing fee in cash.

$60 cash if you are a student that has trained with our school

$75 if you have not trained with our school.

To train or test with a driving school you must have a valid (not expired) South Carolina permit (not any other state or international or another country).

The permit must show that you have held the permit for a least 6 months (180 days)

If this is your 2nd or 3rd permit, please bring a copy of your previous permit with you.

The test results will be given to you in a sealed green envelope. Take this to any SCDMV office where they will eye test you and take your picture before issuing your license.

For testing options:

You can test at the end of your 2nd driving lesson with the instructor that trained you.

Test With My Instructor



($60 for students that have trained with us)

you need a valid plastic south carolina permit and the fee in cash