FastTrack Program

Complete your training within one week!

Greenville Driving School is offering a Fast Track program, which guarantees that a student who comes to one of our Saturday classes will complete all driving sessions within one week of the class date. Many students are in a rush to get their required hours completed, so this guarantees that students who are in a rush are able to complete their lessons as quickly as possible.
Fast Track is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. We have very limited openings for Fast Track. The cost for the Fast Track program is $65, payable at the time of the classroom session. The $65 is an expediting fee to cover the cost of the additional Fast Track instructors and vehicles, this is in addition to the regular $409 fee. With the big rush during the vacation period, our regular instructors are fully booked, so this fee pays for the additional instructors and cars hired to cope with the rush and provide those that want it with all lessons and driving completed within one week.